Welcome: Sichuan Barton Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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The technical team leader is led by academician Guo Rui Vladimir Nikolayevich, academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and national expert of thousand talents program of China Central Organization Department; academician Guo Rui Vladimir Nikolayevich is the chief technical engineer of Sichuan baton Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; at present, the company has one academici



Sichuan Barton Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in line with the national development strategy of "two aircraft" project, the national policy of military civilian integration and military civilian education. Relying on the existing key technologies of Barton Welding Research Institute, it seizes the opportunity of national two aircraft project development and carries out the R & D and



Baton Institute of welding in Ukraine is the largest welding institute in the world; it studies all about 3000 skilled employees (including scientists, R & D personnel, technical experts, designers, production engineers and workers), has 16 members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 engineering scholars and 250 doctoral students, and has a series of advanced infrastructure for rese



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  • 02 2020-04
  • 02 2020-04
  • 02 2020-04
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